Israeli - Japanese Music Festival

Since my early years, I was fascinated by Japan and its culture and in the recent years I have developed very special relations with Japanese people.
Looking a little bit into the music scene in Japan, I have got the impression that modern contemporary classical music is suffering from lack of representation in that scene. Even a Japanese composer such as Takemitsu Toru who has an important name in the west, is rarely performed in Japan. Surely, the masterpieces of J. S. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and others are the core of our musical heritage, but music must continue to live as a creative art that renews itself. Further more, my experience is that high quality modern and contemporary music is giving us a new and important perspective on the old masters. For example, after working on music of Arnold Schoenberg, I listen differently to Bach. This keeps my listening fresh and creative. Those reasons make modern and contemporary music is so important.

Those factors have led me to the idea of establishing an Israeli- Japanese Music Festival. The festival will take place once a year, one year in Japan and one year in Israel. The repertoire will be about 60-70% classical and 30-40% modern with emphasis on contemporary music from both countries. There will also be a place for other types of music such as traditional Japanese music (Shakuhachi etc.), which I believe, could raise a considerable interest in Israel.  

For the festival, a special Festival Ensemble will be put together which will be consisted of players from both countries playing together. This ensemble could be of different sizes according to the budget and chosen repertoire. Other smaller groups from soloists to trios and quartets etc. will be invited to participate in the festival.

Further more, my understanding of the festival is as quite an open platform. This will enable us to integrate in it other kinds of art such as plastic art exhibitions. 

My own recording studio (please refer to the Studio section of the website) will be available for the production of CDs and DVDs.

This festival will provide an outstanding opportunity for cultural exchange and enhancement of the bilateral relations between the two countries when players, composers and other artists from Japan will be visiting Israel and vice versa.

Any kind of support for the festival is of course very important and welcome. If you are interested in supporting the festival in any way such as moral, financial or if you are an artist who is interested in participating in the festival, please contact me at the Contact section of the website.