The Conductor and Pianist Ram Shenkar was born in Jerusalem in 1968.

He carries a Master’s degree in Conducting from the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh USA, where he studied with Mr. Juan Pablo Izquierdo. He is also a graduate of The Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem in Piano Performance. During his studies he has won numerous stipends. 

He has conducted among others the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra in Bulgaria and the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic Orchestra in Pittsburgh where he was also an assistant conductor for approximately two years. During that time, he has conducted the orchestra in concerts and rehearsals and has taken an active part in major performances of the orchestra which took place among others at Carnegie Hall in New-York and at The Boston Symphony Hall.
He has also put together the Musical Offering Orchestra in Sofia, Bulgaria (which is no longer active). 
His repertoire is extensive and includes pieces from the core classical repertoire as well as music from composers of the 20th century.

Ram Shenkar was invited several times to Germany to perform his program about J. S. Bach’s “The Art of the Fugue”. During the program, he performs several fugues from the collection on the solo piano as well as through an electronic quadraphonic sound media. This combination sheds new light on the rich polyphonic textures of the piece and thus creates a new listening experience.  Recently he has joined forces with the composer Noa Blass for a new variation of the project which includes a performance of percussion instruments. During the coming season they are about to perform this project in several occasions. For further information regarding this project please refer to the Projects section of the website.

Mr. Shenkar is also the owner of Counterpoint Studios - Audio Recording Studios. For further information please refer to the Studio section of the website.


Program of the Sofia Philharmonic

Musical Offering Orchestra Invitation

Musical Offering Orchestra