Counterpoint Studios

Audio recording studios. 

Originally, the studio was intended for the recordings and productions of my own musical projects, CDs and DVDs. The studio is of course open for other artists’ productions.














Some of the studio’s features include: a 35 square meters of acoustical recording room, a new Steinway model B (211cm) grand piano, microphones by Neumann, AKG, audio technica etc. and the ability to record multi-channel in 24 bit 96 kHz resolution.

Among the artists who have recorded in the studio: Noa Blass, André Hajdu, Yoram Meyouhas, Ora Rotem Nelken, Philip Lurie, Ofra Yitzhaki, Assaf Levitin, Immanuel Halperin, David Witztum, Aharon Harlap and many others.


Composer Noa Blass with a friend

Composer Andre Hajdu

Composer Aharon Harlap, Kauro and myself

Immanuel Halperin

Immanuel Halperin